Published Works

1600x2400Gianna the Great is the story about Gianna Saldaña who was born when Becky found how little time her students spent talking to their grandparents. Gianna’s name was borrowed from a student who attended after-school Journalism classes and inspired the creation of the story. Being “nosey,” Gianna just wants to find out about her family, and her journey begins. 


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In Halito Gianna-The Journey ContinuesGianna is still in search of information about her father and befriends a young Choctaw girl named Aponi. In this segment, she not only is able to share random acts of kindness but to find out more about her family history. 


Gianna treasure hunter cover_complete_award seal-page-001Gianna the Treasure Hunter, the third in the Gianna series, is a story about helping another student with her own genealogical research. Luckily, Stephanie’s grandmother is still alive to help her with much if the information and to help her complete her family history journey. 


In The Broken Branches, a school project begins a journey for Broken Branches Final CoverSarafina Garcia that will change her life forever. In an attempt to gain a scholarship to a prestigious school, she is thrown headfirst into a labyrinth of family history that will confuse and deepen her search. Don’t dig up old bones, was the response Sarafina received from her mother when she asked for help. What was it in the family history that was so horrible that she wouldn’t discuss it? Only by delving into historical records will she solve the lingering mystery of her parentage and mend the broken branches of her childhood one last time.