Genealogy in our Jammies


A few years ago, after writing the first of a series of children’s books on family history and genealogy, I found a library in Houston, Texas that had a lock-in entitled “Genealogy in our Jammies.” I fell in love with this term because of the picture it represented.

Now, maybe you don’t want to go parading around in your pjs while doing research, but actually, it could be fun! This is the season, after all, to go and get those great matching jammies for Christmas morning.

Background first, right? Well, as a teacher, I participated in many a “Family Nights” through the schools. These were always exciting, engaging nights where everyone worked together on common tasks and celebrated at their attempts and successes in various academic activities.  These were exhilarating and exciting events that everyone enjoyed.

That’s when the idea was born. Why not have Family Events for genealogy? Lock-ins seem to be the norm now with various associations around the country, but I never see anything about family events where the children are invited to participate. Having seen family events in action and having planned many myself, I found this a wonderful idea to bring in younger family members into the “fold,” so to speak, where they would become acclimated to doing actual family history research.  Having worked on several such events, I know just how great they can be.

This is easily done and an exciting prospect for families longing to engage their children in such worthwhile events. Whenever families come together in this nature, it is beneficial to all.

If this interest you, I’ll be working on my genealogy and glad to help!




Working in jammies




10 thoughts on “Genealogy in our Jammies”

    1. Hello Laura, it all has to do with planning and creating activities that are engaging as well as having the resources to implement a family event successfully. P.S. What do the acronyms FHL and SLC stand for?


  1. What a great event idea! I started doing genealogy when I was 10 years old– and I got my parents hooked on research too. There were many weekends early on when we’d go somewhere as a family to do research, and I was usually the only child there! But it was a great experience for me as a child, and I learned basic research skills, even at that young age. At that time, my younger sister (who was 4) would love coming with us to visit cemeteries– it was like a scavenger hunt for her! Family history can be for all ages!

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