“When the legend becomes fact…print the legend”

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GAA Magazine

“When the legend becomes fact…print the legend”:
The tragic death of Johann Conrad “JC” Muehleisen

By Jacqueline L. Starkey

Photo 1 Melcena Irvin Millison ca 1889 Melcena Irvine Millison, 1889 – from family collection

My feisty, opinionated grandmother detested her middle name.  That name was Melcena, given to her in honor of her grandmother, Melcena Millison.  As a child, I was fascinated by this name that appeared to be handed down to unwilling recipients and was thankful that my parents did not follow family naming traditions.

When I began researching my maternal line, Melcena’s life was a focus area.  I quickly found that to understand Melcena, I had to learn about her father, my third-great-grandfather, then known as Unknown Millison.  Since no family researchers had yet identified him, he was a true brick wall.  My research to break down that wall led me on a virtual journey starting in Germany and ending in Deadwood, South Dakota.  Along…

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